I'm Charlotte. I'm 20. Uni student. I live in Melbourne. I smoke too much and don't drink quite enough. I quote TV shows as I am devoid of original thoughts. I love to read and I tend to fall in love with people who read the same books as me. Succinctly, it's all about avoiding the random shankings (I catch a bad train line).

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I Want Some More

  • Thinking about smoking a cigarette
  • Listening to “Animal” by Neon Trees on repeat.
  • Waiting until it’s dark enough for me to sneakily throw rubbish into my neighbours bins.
  • Still waiting for his text…Have I done something wrong? 
  • Watching a documentary about OxyContin
  • Finished reading ‘Gaysia’ by Ben Law, now reading ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.
  • It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?! You stupid monkey!
  • Stressed about lack of employment
  • Worried about university. I am completing a pointless degree.
  • Should really clean up my room. Keep finding little melted chocolate surprises…
  • All I want to do is curl up and wake up feeling better

"Hell is other people."

~ Jean-Paul Sartre (via televisionenthusiast)

(via clarkethesharkmacarthur)

"Je suis ta tienne"

~ Carla Bruni

Irrational Thoughts

Can’t stop checking my phone.

Are you mad at me?????

I thought we left on good terms last time…

Are you dead?

Thinking of a polite way to brush me off?

Oh god. Are you freezing me out?

Should I prank call you…? Just to make sure your phone is on…

It has been 4 hours.


Fine. I’m mad at you too.

I feel bad for your next girlfriend. She’ll have 2 girls to compete with, your mum and your ex-girlfriend.

Baby, we’ll be fine.

I wake up without warning and go flying around the house
In my sauvignon fierce, freaking out
Take a forty-five minute shower and kiss the mirror
And say, look at me
Baby, we’ll be fine
All we gotta do is be brave and be kind



Then & Now.

This time last year I was:

  • Unemployed and looking for a job
  • Not a uni
  • Coming to terms with his girlfriend
  • Planning my overseas trip
  • Moping in bed
  • Whinging on tumblr

Now, I am:

  • Unemployed and not looking for a job
  • Back At uni
  • Still in love with him
  • Settling back into Melbourne after overseas trip
  • Moping in bed
  • Whinging on tumblr